カブシキガイシャ タナカカネスケショウテン

Half a century has passed during our history of supporting Kobe made shoes...
Speaking of Kobe, many of us remember "Ijinkan" which are the foreign residents built a century ago. Also Kobe made shoes are famous nationwide as one of the principal local products in Kobe. Have you ever noticed the relationship between Ijinkan and Kobe made shoes? Repairing the shoes for the immigrants since the Meiji Restoration had led people in Kobe to develop the skills in manufacturing the shoes. The shoe culture spread from Kobe was the revolution for Japanese people who had worn the zori(sandals) and the geta(clogs). After decades, Tanaka Kanesuke Shoten Co.,Ltd. was born in 1964 as the manufacturer of shoe shank which was the part working as a backbone of the shoe for the sake of serving the shoe makers need, that was toughening the shoe. Since the establishment, we have continued to manufacture the shoe shanks keeping the end-user's safety and comfort firmly in mind. We deal with about 2,000 sorts of shoe shanks and sufficient quantities in stock at present, and have been grown to capture 80% market share within the country.

We are here to support your Dreams.
While our president Akira Tanaka experienced numerous struggles such as World War 2 at age of 2, severe food shortage in the postwar period, long poverty days, severe company management before his business got on track, the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake and so on, he has been supported by his own trademark smile and Dream for years. He has learned anyone can live with smile so long as he had Dream. Although his Dream to be on the top of the shoe shank manufacturers in Japan had been realized, he still had one thing undone. That was the development of the products which provide people in Japan DREAM. After years of twists and turns, he commercialized our hit "DreamCandle". Dream Supply Business unit is the core team which is in charge of DreamCandle. For the realization of both of our president's and customers' Dream, we Dream Supply Business Unit is devoting the utmost effort night and day in discovering and projecting the Dream Products.

To be a company which supports the people in Japan and provides Dream to everyone is set on the top of our desires.

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Manufacture and sales of shoe shanks and partywares.Party planning.

Import and export.  Planning and sales of OEM products.


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3-12-24 Karumojima-cho, Nagata-ku, Kobe-shi, Hyogo 653-0033, Japan

By train: About 10 minutes walk from Karumojima station on Kobe municipal subway Kaigan line .

Tel: +81-78-681-4517Fax: +81-78-651-3129


in 1964
Conversion to the joint stock corporation 21 November, 1986
Capital fund 15 million JPY
CEO Nobuaki Tanaka
Banking Relationship Kobe Shinyo Kinko Bank

All started from a small factory.