Hannah's Kittens | Kittens キトゥンのご紹介



Violet (バイオレット)

is a kitten who is perfectly white. Like a snowball. Or like a cotton ball. Or like the white ball of fur you'll sometimes find stuck to the top of your slippers.

She is always very good and uses all of her kitty manners. She is tidy, quite proper - and would never dream of hopping in a mud puddle.

If you draw pictures for her, and sing to her, and take her to visit your friends, this little kitty cat will be purrfectly happy.

Sweet Pea (スイトピー)

is a kitten who loves to hear stories. So could you please read her stories about castles, princesses, kittens, cats, school, friends, bedtime, birthday parties, teddy bears, ponies, pirates...and sometimes even puppies? She likes them all.
And if you promise to read Sweet Pea all of your favorite storybooks, she'll be very good and very patient while you gather them. Now we can't promise she'll be so good that she'll pick up all your socks or put away your toys - but we're quite sure she'll be very proud if you do.

Daisy (デイジー)

is a kitten filled with sweet daintiness. She likes to play dress up, and doesn't mind when you dress her in your cutest dolly clothes.

She likes tutus...dresses...hats and getting ready for fancy tea parties.

At bedtime what does this kitty like best? Sleeping next to you, tucked beneath a blanket, wearing, of course, her favorite fur coat.

Poppy (ポピー)

is Violet’s twin sister! But while Violet likes the color violet, Poppy likes the color pink. Poppy is also a very fancy kitten who loves super fancy things.
So perhaps you and Poppy could have an elegant afternoon tea with lovely things to eat like tiny sandwiches, scones and strawberry jam. You could even invite a princess or queen. (Poppy would be thrilled.)
Poppy also adores all sorts of stylish events like fashion shows and posh parties. What can we say? Some kitties are just fancy felines.


Koko (ココ)

is a sweet jungle leopard who loves to try new challenges. One day she might try singing. The next day she might try drawing. And the next day she might try twirling, leaping, flipping and pouncing.

You see, Koko always has a cheerful outlook and a happy heart. If she’s not the best at cartwheels, she’ll keep looking until she finds something she can simply rock.

She knows that everyone has special gifts — and she will discover hers soon enough.

Keeki (キーキ)

is a pretty “Calico” leopard whose favorite thing to do is spend time in a garden. You can find her nearly every afternoon reading beneath the lilacs to her tiny garden friends.

She reads to the ladybugs (who ask her to read stories about kingdoms and castles). She reads to the butterflies (who ask her to read stories about faraway lands). And she reads to the bunnies (who ask her to read stories about tea parties and cupcakes, which we like to hear, too).

It’s easy to see that Keeki appreciates nature-- and all of her friends truly appreciate her.

Moka (モカ)

is a leopard who’s always begging to go on an adventure. Moka dreams of going everywhere and seeing everything.

Moka is never worried about getting stuck up a mountain, falling out of a tall tree, or getting a little bit lost along a jungle path.

So be sure to take Moka along with you on all of life’s adventures. You can be certain of one thing: Moka will be thrilled to be right there at your side.

Laya (ラヤ)

is the sweetest, prettiest, little snow leopard you could ever meet. She is called Laya because snow leopards are found in the Himalayas. (Hannah always seems to know things like that, and you probably do, too.)

But, do you also know that this little snow leopard kitten likes to snuggle? In fact, Laya would love to sleep with you every night and go on fun adventures in your dreams.

So take good care of her. Laya is a very special kitten and we all simply adore her.